What Makes a Winning Brochure?

Say two women are walking down the street and suddenly they see Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes walking towards them. Chances are good that the two women would likely look at the couple longer than they would look at any other person in the area not just because they are famous but also because they are attractive.

It is normal for a person to look at and focus his or her attention to attractive things. It is easier for the eye to look at things that are pleasant and eye-catching. This is why attractive females, gorgeous couples and striking personalities get the limelight faster than other people. In the business industry, the same idea is true. The more attractive and striking your promotional materials are, the more customers you attract. Thus, as much as possible it is essential for business owners to create marketing materials that conveys services and provides over-all impression of products and services and its benefits efficiently and appealingly.

Lets say you need to print brochures for your business. You have to take into consideration the design, content and graphics that you will use. Likewise, you have to consider the typeface and colors that you will utilize. But what really makes a successful brochure? Essentially, it should be well written, visually appealing, and effective in sending out your message and thoroughly designed to meet your prospects need and at the same time it is within your budget.

When designing the brochure, make sure that it appeals to the two types of customers those who like to read and scrutinize and those that prefer to look at photos, images and illustrations. The analytic and creative type, in other words. Be careful also with your choice of colors. Make sure that the colors send off the right feeling you wish to convey. Hence, when you are able to keep the balance between the information and the illustrations, you can reach a greater number of customers. Likewise, a well written and designed brochure interests a reader to read all the way through. When the headline and sentences are crisp and clear, a reader will immediately understand why he needs to spend a few minutes looking through the brochure.

And after having been able to produce a winning brochure, it is time to get it out to the public. Share it to anyone you come across with whether it is through a seminar, meeting or tradeshow. Keep some in your office so that your current customers can take one and share it with their friends and relatives. So dont underestimate the marketing ability of brochures. They are intended to inform and so far, they have been effective in doing so.

Designing Custom Binders

Binders are an office staple. Custom binders offer an alternative to the bland styles of basic binders. They also offer a way to add an extra kick to any marketing plan. A custom binder gives a sense of pride and professionalism to any plain binder and add a kick to a presentation. The advanatges of binders are only amplified by cutsomizing them.

Binders can be bought in bulk them customized to fit any situation. That way binders are bought cheap and the customizing is only done to the binders that need it. One set of binders can serve many purposes when used in this manner, from office needs to a special client presentation. No wasted money and a variety in choices of customization.

Custom binders are just one detail that can really shine in a clients eyes. Custom binders show time was spent preparing the information and that thoguht was given to the overall presetnation. They also show the client that they were considered important and deserved a special presentation style. Custom folders make the first impression on a client a good one.

Customizing a binder is not all about adding logos or designs either. Customizing a binder can include all aspects from the cover to the riungs. The covers can be thin polyethylene or more complex vinyl. Vinyl covers offer much flexibility. They are made from cardboard that is covered in a strong, durable vinyl. Pockets and business card slots can be added to vinyl binders. Polyethylebe binders are less expensive and can still have logos or words printed on them. Custom binders can be a variety of sizes with different ring styles, as well. The size of the binder and rings largely depend upon what is to be put in the binder. The styles of rings also are dictated by the use of the binder. For a binder that needs to be easily accessible and allow for a person to flip through the pages easy, the typical O ring would work best. On the other hand binders that are to hold important documents would be best suited with square rings as they do not curve the paper inside.

Custom binders are a great way for a buisness to make a good impression. They put forth a sense of class and reflect well upon the business. The many ways to customize a binder allow for them to be suited exactly to the needs of the business.

Creating Brochures That Produces Action

An effective advertisement can prompt action at first glance. A business owner must keep in mind that in creating his advertisement the marketing material should easily persuade a prospect to make an action. Action, spirit, life whatever you call it must be in the marketing material to be able to catch dollars. Advertising is a reflex of the business world. And the business world is full of action it is a warfare for dollars and cents and for advertising to accurately mirror business, should have a lot of action on it.

Creating brochures that get action need not be difficult. The first thing that you should consider in designing your brochure is its purpose. Is the brochure for advertisement? Is it a detailed product description? What kind of customers will be receiving your brochure? Keep in mind that brochures are created to attract a prospects attention. Just like an advertisement, brochures demands for attention and plays on the emotion of the prospect. It has strong visuals and a distinct call to action. The brochure that you will create should build interest and create desire for your products and services. It should be able to encourage customers to follow through by calling, returning a coupon or coming for a visit to your store.

Certainly, a brochure can attract attention and give detailed information. But oftentimes business owners have a hard time creating a brochure that accomplishes both. A detailed product information brochure will not encourage a prospect to call. Likewise, a lightweight sales brochure will not satisfy a call for more information. Thus, when creating a brochure it is important to define your objective clearly and use the brochure design to accomplish your goal. Remember that if you are sending the wrong brochure, you are just wasting your money and you are not enticing your customer to make some action.

Professional and effective advertising means creating marketing materials that achieve the highest possible return of investment. As much as the illustrations and the color of the brochure can entice a prospect to read through the whole brochure, the content should be given much attention as it will be the one that will actually market your business to the readers. The content of your brochure will change depending on the objectives you set. But just the same, the content should be honest, clear and compelling.

Oftentimes, action complements with quick reasoning. A paragraph or sentence full of logic is full of action for the strength of the logic is like a rope that grasps the mind at the first word and carries it along to the end. Without a doubt, it is hard to swing action in an advertisement unless you are familiar with your potential customers. Hence, this means work plenty of work. If you want action from your readers, then as an advertiser you should supply it.

Creating a New Standard of Excellence Six Things You

Creating a New Standard of Excellence Six Things You Can Do

Recognizing that the time had come to replace our hot water heater, my wife called our plumber to schedule an appointment. She placed the call at about 11 a.m. When the agent asked, Would you be available between one and three? Lori asked, Which day? The agent replied Today of course.

Hearing a strange noise coming from our furnace, another call was placed. Again, the appointment was made and the problem was solved the same day. (Are you surprised that the furnace and the plumbing company have the same ownership?)

Earlier this week my wife had a problem with her knee and after seeing our family doctor she was referred to a knee specialist – a specialist considered one of the best in Indianapolis. When she called for an appointment, I feared the worst. Instead, she had an appointment within 24 hours.

My guess is that as you read each of these short stories. You are surprised at the service we received. The fact is, this level of service should be the norm, but sadly isn’t. Our experience has lowered the expectations of most of us.

The Good News

The good news in these examples is that it is easier than ever to stand out. When you are good, people will notice. When you are excellent, they will rave.

This goes for us personally, professionally, or as an organization.

Below are six steps that you can take to continue to raise your own standards of excellence. These steps will make it easier than ever to stand out, be noticed, and have greater levels of success and satisfaction.

What You Can Do

1.Get a current check on performance. Talk to those you served, whether your family, coworkers or Customers. Find out from them, how well you are doing in meeting their expectations. Listen to their feedback. Don’t justify your current performance or blame others. Simply listen.

2.Determine the standard they want. Again, ask your Customers or those you serve for their input. Listen to their needs, wants and hopes.

3.Determine the standard you want. Remember that their expectations may not be very high based on their experience. Take their feedback and ideas into account, but remember that it is your responsibility to set the level of excellence you want to reach. Set the bar is high as you wish.

4.Under promise and over deliver. Taking the first three steps will heighten awareness and likely raise expectations immediately. As you work to grow your standards remember that you can reach your goal is small steps. Make promises based on your current capacity, not your fondest wish. Make the promise, then deliver more, then raise the level of your promise a bit the next time. Steady and slow wins the race and remember it wont take long to leave those you are racing with far behind. This approach will help you raise your standards, and the trust others have I you too.

5.Ask what’s not excellent? This question will help you continue to find ways to improve your standards and delivery. Ask this question of yourself, of your teammates, and of other interested parties.

6.Measure performance. You’ve set new standards for yourself. The only way to reach them and maintain them is to measure your performance against those standards. Depending on the standards you are setting this may be very simple or quite complex. Don’t make the measurement more difficult than necessary, but remember to measure.

It is clear that these steps have obvious application for serving Customers better. While I encourage you to consider their applications to customer service, I also hope you will consider using them in other areas on your life.

It’s time to raise the bar. It’s time to set new standards. Standards wont raise themselves; we must raise them consciously and consistently. The steps above will help you take that conscious action.